What is Inside Line?

You’re here because you love Roller Derby – you either skate in a league, are a ref , an NSO, a Derby widow or superfan. Anyway it doesn’t matter who you are – you’re here because you love Roller Derby. We do too!

Roller Derby in the UK is gaining momentum and popularity, it’s coming out of the shadows and dragging us over to the darkside with it. The close knit community Roller Derby has formed is a unique space where members help each other by supporting and sharing so we all can learn and grow.

Inside Line Magazine isn’t just about the blood and guts of the game – it’s about the fleshy goodness that surrounds it, the people who make it all work. The mums, the students, the guy who decided to take up reffing to end his time as a derby widow. Let’s get the good word out there and expose the passion that flows through every Derby lover’s veins!

SUB EDITORS Carrie Stewart and Ellen Parnavelas
WEB DESIGN Belinda Johnson

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